Thymic Extract – An Important Supplement for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Thymic extract helps during chemotherapyThe good news is that the number of breast cancer cases has been declining since the year 2000 and there are 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. More good news, is that studies have shown that thymic extract can help with the immune system during chemotherapy.

On this, literally life and death subject, there is a critical time during chemotherapy when the white blood cell counts drops, opening up the risk of opportunistic infections and other side effects. Since chemotherapy targets cells with a short life cycle, white blood cells, which the body replaces frequently, are suppressed by chemo drugs at a time when the body most needs their immune value.

But research has shown that the use of Thymic extract can maintain the immune system production of white blood cell according to WebMD and reduce the incidence of infections as a result of bone marrow suppression as referenced in the clinical study sited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information below.

“Effect of thymic extract on the incidence of infections and myeloticicity (bone marrow suppression) during adjuvant chemo for breast cancer” – Read the entire abstract about Thymic Extract during chemotherapy

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