Thymic Protein A – The Immune System’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Thymic Protein A Killing a human virusWithin the immune system is the thymus gland, a very specialized organ. If there was no thymus gland, there would be no T-cells to support the immune system in defending the body against infection, viruses, cancer or inflammation.

The thymus gland together with Thymic Protein A produce the immune systems “weapon of mass destruction”, the T-cells. After the neo-natal and teenage years, the thymus decreases in size. The thymus ages, effecting the production of Thymic Protein,  which results in a decrease in immune function. One way to offset some of the decrease of immune function is to supplement Thymic Protein A.

Importance of the Thymus Gland

The thymus gland provides cells (T-cells) to fight infection and helps the endocrine system carry out its task to balance the immune system. The first and foremost duty of the thymus is the propagation and segregation of mature T-cells or T-lymphocytes to assault bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that attack the body. Both T-cells and B-cells are important in the immune reaction and come from the bone marrow.  While B-cells are fully mature whether they leave or stay in the bone marrow, the T-cells must travel to the thymus gland to grow. There are three diverse classes of fully grown T-cells:

  • Immune system cellsT-4 Helper Cells: Trigger additional immune cells and provoke the manufacture of antibodies
  • T-8 Cytotoxic (Killer) Cells: Guided by the T-4 cells, assault and wipe out microorganisms and cancer cells
  • T-8 Suppressor Cells:   Stops the T-8 cell attack

T-cells must be completely mature in order to perform accurately. The key to a longer, healthier life is an improved immune system response against assailants.  This is true for all immune cells.

Origin of Thymic Protein A:

When Terry Beardsley, PhD discovered Thymic Protein A (TPA), the thymic supplements that were available at that time did not target a precise part of the thymus.  The first thymus supplement to call attention to the T-4 Helper cells is Thymic Protein A.    T-4 cells regulate every immune cell, and together with the stimulation of antibodies, are vital because they trigger the entire immune system. Not to interrupt the natural function of the T-4 cells, Dr. Beardsley’s objective was to focus on escalating their actions.

Action of TPA:

After the T-cells reach the thymus gland and mature, their biological corridor can be tracked. In the thymus gland, the cells are activated and programmed by an effect of a certain thymic protein.  Since Thymic Protein A is particular to a precise transmitters and the T-4 receptor, it is superior to other thymic hormones and extracts.  Longevity, stamina, health, energy and immune function are boosted when a person takes thymic protein a due to the specific action on maturing T-cells.

An average dose of 4 micrograms (mcg) of Thymic Protein A taken under the tongue as a nutritional supplement in powder form is adequate to reinforce the immune system. TPA can be taken 1 to 3 times a day in higher doses and has never shown side effects. This is essential to people taking TPA for reoccurring or stubborn infections, inflammatory disease states and for chemotherapy patients to maintain white blood cell counts.

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The Discovery of Thymic Protein A – How It Works to Strengthen the Immune System

The Discovery of Thymic Protein A

Dr. Terry BeardslyeThe discovery of Thymic Protein A was the result of years of research by immunologist Dr. Terry Beardsley who closely studied the human thymus gland. This gland is responsible for maturing the T-lymphocytes which are a vital part of the immune system. T-lymphocytes are initially immature and not yet ready to function. The thymus gland matures and activates them by the production of a certain protein molecule.

Beardsley named this long chain molecule “Thymic Protein A (TPA)”. Thymic protein A is responsible for boosting the immune system and strengthening it against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.  It also defends against diseases that are a result of inflammation. White blood cells are a part of the immune system, originating in the bone marrow.  Most of them are biologically active but some are not bio-active when released from the bone marrow.  These are known as T cells. The thymus gland releases Thymic Protein A to activate these T-cells causing the immune system to work efficiently. It also means that opportunistic infections caused by low white blood cell count can be avoided, essential when dealing with serious diseases like cancer.

As the thymus gland ages, it shrinks in size. At age 60, the thymus gland has reached the size of a pea, resulting in less production of Thymic Protein A. Lower levels of TPA to mature the T-lymphocytes result in a weaker immune system due to the lack of this essential protein molecule.

How Thymic Protein A Works?

Thymic Protein A and CancerComputer system hardware requires a set of instructions to function properly and carry out its designated processes. The software tells the hardware how to function. The operation system of the computer is the software which supports a computer’s basic functions and controls the hardware. Thymic Protein A is similar to the computer operating system; it matures and directs the T-cells to gear up the body’s defenses against everything from bacteria, viruses and cancer.

The T-cells are the brains of the white blood cells in the immune system and are activated by the TPA key. The T-cells then regulate immunity by stimulating the B-cells to produce antibodies and control other white blood cells such as CD-8 killer cells, NK cells, and macrophages, important in fighting off life threatening diseases such as cancer. Thymic Protein A maximizes immunity and regulates the defense mechanism when and as needed.

TPA is currently being studied for its effect on degenerative diseases.  It is already know to work well in fighting against inflammation caused by viral and bacterial attacks on the human body, which in some cases leads to arthritis like symptoms and nerve related damage,  Lyme Disease for example.  Thymic Protein A is needed to mature new CD4 (T4) immune cells and remind the current activated cells of their duties, vital in the bodies defense against disease including cancer. Without sufficient Thymic Protein A, CD4 cell function may be compromised.

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Proboost Thymic Protein A – The Driving Force for Your Immunity

Proboost Make your thymus glow with healthThe thymus gland is a driving force for your immunity. It’s role in dealing with viruses, bacteria, cancer, arthritis, all inflammatory diseases cannot be stressed enough. In order to work, the thymus gland must have sufficient amounts of Thymic Protein A

The thymus gland is a pyramid-shaped lymphoid organ that is part of the immune system and is situated in the upper chest area just below the breastbone. Named after its resemblance to the thyme leaf, it might appear smaller than other organs but serves a very important function in defending the human body. The thymus gland is responsible for maturing the T-lymphocytes through proteins so that these act as soldiers of the immune system.

The T-cells are a key to regulating the immune system by maintaining the tempo of the B-lymphocytes, which are antibody producers to a particular antigen. The T-cells also attack and destroy invading cells such as viruses and cancer cells. Initially when T-cells are created by the bone marrow, they are not fully grown to perform their function unless powered by the Thymic Protein A produced in the Thymus.

The Body Ages, Thymus ShrinksThymus gland - fetal to adult

When humans are in the fetal stage right up to a few years after birth, the thymus gland is known to be the largest gland relative to the rest of the organs in the body; in fact it is nearly half as big as the lungs. Up until puberty, the gland grows at a slower rate as compares to the other organs. But when an individual reaches puberty, the thymus gland shrinks in size at a slow rate for the rest of a person’s life and the lymphocytes become replaced by the fat tissue between the lobules.

Thymus Shrinks, Immune System Comes Under Attack

When the thymus gland shrinks, it no longer produces sufficient proteins to mature the T lymphocytes. When these T-cells are immature, they no longer would be able to regulate the B-cells and direct the immune system in case of an attack from cancer and, bacterial and viral infections. Thus with age, T-cells lose their effectiveness and make the human body vulnerable to attacks from pathogens and disease.

Proboost Direct For Restoring Thymic Function

Dr. Beardsley, the scientist that discovered Thymic Protein A, did years of research on the thymus gland. Thymus cell cultures revealed an isolated purified protein that could boost immune function. This 500-amino chain protein could exactly fit into the battery of the T-cells and which could mature these cells for immune function. Thymic Protein A was the name given by Dr. Beardsley to this protein which simulated and restored the power of T-lymphocytes.

Dr. Beardsley created an oral supplement, Proboost, to restore the thymic function and power the T-lymphocytes. Proboost is a safe, low-dose protein supplement for increasing the stamina, energy, and well-being. Proboost Thymic Protein A is a must-have product for those patients suffering from chronic fatigue, cancer, and chronic infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, CMV Retinitis, and Herpes.

Healthy Life with Proboost DirectThe immune system being central to the neuroendocrine system requires thymic protein A to ensure the body’s health. There is no other way to prevent this age-related atrophy of the thymus gland.

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