Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Maybe It’s Not All in Your Head

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity  - Tired and in PainMultiple Chemical Sensitivity and the role of Thymic Protein A. Our immune system is remarkable in its ability to keep us healthy; however, it declines with age like the rest of our body. The thymus gland, which produces Thymic Protein A to mature new T-cells, plays a central role in our immune system and decreases in size and functionality over time.

In the early formative years when our bodies are “learning” immunity, “educating” T-cells and producing new ones, the thymus gland is almost the size of the lungs. Starting at about age three, the gland begins to slowly shrink in size until between ages 50-60 when the thymus gland can be as small as a pea. At some point, it is lacking the capability to produce sufficient levels of a critical thymic protein a needed by the immune system to mount an effective immune response.

How Does Thymic Protein A Help for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Other Conditions

Conditions like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome /chronic fatigue immune disorder (CFS/CFID), fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and other illnesses that have environmental triggers, often involve a compromised immune system. The result is chronic infections, viral impunity and inflammation which, along with the disease process, contribute to debilitating symptoms like pain and fatigue.

Thymus gland - fetal to adultProBoost was originally developed to support the function of the thymus in maturing t-helper lymphocytes (T-cells) for severely immune compromised patients. It worked because synthesized Thymic Protein A has the identical biological activity as the natural form produced by the fully functioning thymus gland.

Thymic Protein A, is an essential substance for cell-mediated immunity which is how our bodies deal with viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and other threats. Clinical studies on cats and dogs, humans and in vitro cells, have all shown significant improvements in how the immune system activates T-4 helper cells. Reported results include:

  • Increased overall immune function
  • Improvements in sleep and energy
  • Reduction of pain from inflammation
How is ProBoost Taken

ProBoost must be taken under the tongue in order to bypass being destroyed by the digestive system. Used sublingually, Thymic Protein A is delivered to the body intact and in biologically active form.

So maybe it’s not all in your head…maybe it’s in your immune system. ProBoost can help.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – maybe its not all in your head.

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