ProBoost for Fighting Cancer – The Connection Between Thymic Protein A and Natural Killer T Cells

Beat Breast CancerNo one wants to face cancer. It was even difficult to write this blog about the “Big C”. But cancer has a face – it is someone you know, someone you care about or even yourself. No one wants to face cancer, but everyone wants to beat it.

ProBoost can help.

As the human body ages, the natural immune system can become more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Why does this happen?  As we get older, our thymus gland shrinks and so do the levels of Thymic Protein A (TPA) which are needed to mature critical, Natural Killer T cells (NKT) for the immune system to prevent or stop the chronic inflammation that can fuel disease. The scientific community has identified chronic inflammation as the root cause of many diseases. A recent study out of San Diego discusses the link between inflammation and cancer. ProBoost was developed in clinical trials to increase or supplement Thymic Protein A, thereby boosting the body’s natural immune system response.

What is ProBoost Thymic Protein A?

Thymic Protein A is a complex protein moleculeThymic Protein A (TPA) is the active ingredient in ProBoost and mirrors the properties of natural thymic protein produced by the thymus gland. TPA is a 500 amino acid chain, comprising the entire protein molecule, and allowing the body to utilize it as if it was produced by the body’s own thymus gland.

How ProBoost Thymic Protein A Works

Originally, Dr. Terry Beardsley produced ProBoost to stimulate the immune system for extremes cases of TPA deficiency like those found in HIV and certain kinds of leukemia cases. He studied the thymus gland and was able to isolate a single thymic protein – Thymic Protein A. He found that this protein was necessary for the body to mature T4 lymphocytes (T-cells), Natural Killer (NK) cells, and Natural Killer T-cells (a subset of the NK cells), thus boosting the ability of the immune system to fight infection, viruses, bacteria, tumor fomation and diseases like cancer. Properly deployed, NK cells (Adaptive T-8 cells) provide rapid responses to virally infected cells and tumor formation, usually within three days.

Killer Immune Cells in action against cancer These T-Cells are a special type of white cell matured in the thymus gland. These cells operate by recognizing and targeting infected or tumor cells.  The infected cells are first suppressed and then destroyed.   We are exposed to infections, viruses and cancerous cells every day, but we rarely get sick because of the action of these T-cells. Cancer presents a particular challenge to the immune system as it is adept at making the cells appear normal to the body in the early stages, which is why certain cancers can go undetected until it has advanced.

What happens when we do get sick?

As noted earlier, because the thymus gland shrinks with age we make less Thymic Protein A and mature fewer T-cells. When that happens the immune system’s ability to deal with disease, viruses and infections diminish.  In many adults, the thymus gland is relatively small by age 40. The correlation of age and increased risk of illness is one of the factors, environmental and dietary stress another, as is family predisposition to certain kinds of cancer. In a clinical setting, ProBoost has been shown to increase the number to white blood cells needed to fight cancer, even when an individual is undergoing chemotherapy.

ProBoost has also been shown to improve the functioning of the immune system. Clinical trials have been conducted on other diseases such as AIDS, Cancer, Herpes, Hepatitis-C and Lyme disease. Dr. Beardsley proved that Thymic Protein A boosts levels of T4, T8 and other natural cell killers.

How Should I Take ProBoost – Active Disease or Preventive Measure?

Keep Calm and Fight BackThe Immune System’s own T-cells may be the best hope for many types of cancers. Dr. Beardsley’s studies discovered that ProBoost has the ability to raise the white blood cell count when taken 3-4 daily during the acute disease state and during chemotherapy.

As a preventive measure, 1-2 packets a day of ProBoost is excellent for warding off colds, flu and other viruses as well as giving your body what it needs to keep more Natural Killer T-Cells actively working when a health treat is detected. ProBoost is a safe, natural supplement and can be taken by adults or children.

ProBoost is placed under the tongue to dissolve sublingually and should be taken one hour after meals.  Studies have found no reports of any adverse side effects.

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  1. Hello. I have fibromyalgia and everything that goes with that…Now you say ProBoost Thymus extract is a chemical that can be man-made or produced from the glands of cows. Now, is yours made from cows? If so, what are the chances of contracting Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy – or mad cow disease? What do you do to prevent that from happening? I’m looking for something to give me at least half of the energy I had before fibro took it all away. Can this do that for me?

    Theresa Balchus

    • Team ProBoost says:

      I will forward your question about mad cow and thymus extract to our clinical people. Transmission via the thymus gland is not likely as it is not located in the brain. We can’t comment on the likely percentage increase in energy as we are not able to evaluate your health. This question is best directed to your physician.

      Thank you for commenting.


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