The Discovery of Thymic Protein A and Its Impact on Longevity

Thymic Protein A and Its Impact on Longevity A healthy immune system in the human body means a strong defense mechanism exists, protecting the body against the devastating effects of pathogen attacks. The lifespan of an individual can increase when the body has powerful capabilities to defend itself and, conversely, can diminish when the immune system is vulnerable. As a result, the signs and complications of aging are forestalled for some but visible and accelerated for others.

How Does The Immune System Work?

The immune system is an intertwined network of organs, glands and white blood cells falling into the Humoral and the Cell Mediated systems. B-lymphocytes of the Humoral Immunity system create antibodies to defeat invading pathogens, while the T-lymphocytes of the Cell Mediated Immunity are the activation keys. Both these types of white blood cells are created in the bone marrow with B-cells, which are mature when they are born;  T-cells, however, are matured by proteins from the thymus gland.

T-4 Cells – Regulators of the Immune System

Immune systemFor an immune system to work efficiently, both B-cells and T-cells have to work together. For B-cells to do their job of producing antibodies, they need constant direction from the T-h helper cells. Moreover, T-4 helper cells send signals to the bone marrow to create more helper cells as well as other types of T-cells.  In addition, they control production of CD56 natural killer cells and red blood cells that fight off viruses, infections, cancer, inflammatory diseases like arthritis and even stop some from taking hold.

Thymus Gland and Immunity

Dr. Terry Beardsley, an expert on the thymus gland, discovered that Thymic Protein A, secreted from the thymus gland is important for activating the T-4 cells. His research revealed this ductless gland, located beneath the breastbone, is vitally important for a strong immune system. The natural shrinking of the thymus gland actually paved way for the discovery of Thymic Protein A in the laboratory.

Thymic Protein A and Its Many Benefits

Dr. Beardsley recreated the protein from cultured cells and not from the actual thymus glands. Thymic Protein A is the complete 500-amino chain which fits the receptor site on the T-4 cell while helping keep the immune system stable. Ever since its discovery, Thymic Protein A has shown many amazing uses in the defense against infections, as well as significantly slowing down the aging of the immune system. In addition, patients experience improved stamina and energy along with a better overall sense of well-being and the ability to ward off infections.

Proboost for Longevity

Dr. Beardsley and a number of other biological scientists have deduced that Thymic Protein A in regular dosage is necessary for improving the quality of life because any substance that strengthens immunity may well lengthen life in the process, giving the body the ability to ward off illness and fight disease naturally. Proboost contains Thymic Protein A which is in powder form in sealed individual dose packets, to be administered under the tongue where it dissolves rapidly.

Dr. Beardsley points out that in addition to its longevity benefits, Thymic Protein A can be used against flu and other infections as well as to maintain total white blood count in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. Beardsley believes that someday in the near future this unique protein will be used in all medicines to act as a shield against the very causes of illness and aging.

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