Thymus Extract – A Gold Mine for the Immune System

Immune System with Thymus ExtractScientific researchers have discovered many benefits to the immune system of thymus extract supplementation. Studies at leading universities in Southern California, including Drew University School of Medicine have shown that thymus extract supplementation stimulates immune function and potentially increases longevity due to superior immune response once converted to Thymic Protein A.

Thymic Protein A is essential for the thymus gland to mature T-cells and other white blood cells (lymphocytes), the core of our body’s ability to prevent and fight disease and infection.

Microsoft PowerPoint - 76.pptAmong other benefits, these studies point to the ability to increase dendritic cell numbers, a protective antigen-presenting cell, through supplementation and increasing Thymic Protein A levels intracellularly.

Thymic Protein A supplementation activates and strengthens protective immune cell function. By stimulating dendritic cell activity, the body deploys more rapidly to prevent infection and boost health. Dendritic cells are the body’s first line of defense against harmful microbes and are the principle bridge between the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.

These cells’ abilities to co-stimulate both systems are vital to proper immune system function. Dendritic cells activate T-cells in both central and peripheral lymph tissue, sequester microbes and stimulate host cells to rapidly clear infection. Thymic Protein A is necessary for these natural, varied and powerful immune reactions.

Additionally, Thymus Extract has a number of protective functions. It has been shown to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, aid in the prevention of diabetes, and boost cardiovascular health through systemic immune system strengthening. By promoting dendritic cells, T-cells and plasma B-cell responses, thymus extract enables the body to withstand and fight against disease.

Among its many functions, thymus extract has been shown in vitro to restore lymphocyte (T-cell) function, increase cytotoxic activity of T cells, and activate natural killer cells which help fight cancer.

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